Warp5 Template Framework

Warp5 is a fast and powerful template framework to create sophisticated Joomla templates

5 Reasons

to get this Warp5 based template

  • Amazing Menu System with great flexibility
  • Any module composition possible, right out of the box!
  • Search engine optimizied, 2-1-3 column, CSS framework.
  • Ultra Fast Loading, thanks to Gzip and CSS sprites.
  • Works in all modern browsers, even IE6!

Go to the Warp5 website and get more informations about it!


Get your hands on Flux, the newest YOOtheme theme creation. Flux is based on the new Warp5 WordPress theme framework and is designed with a chromish style which looks perfect for example for gaming sites.

«The new Warp themeframework is amazing!»

Flux shines with its flashy menu bar, for which we once again used our amazing fancy menu: The menu items look like they are buttons pushed into the menubar. Also the YOOsearch and the breadcrumbs fit in perfect with the theme design. Of course, Flux comes with our awesome new Warp5 menu that you might already know from our last theme Phoenix. It also allows you to publish widgets in the dropdown menu and, like all our themes, it comes with loads of widget variations.

Warp5 Updates

We also added some new features to our Warp5 framework:

  • The fancy menu effect is now also applied to widgets published on the menu position.
  • The effect of the fancy menu remains even when the cursor goes off the dropdown and back on again.
  • You can assign individual widths for widgets published in the dropdown via the Module Class Suffix, for example: dropdownwidth-255.
  • You can set individual dropdown widths for menu items via the Page Class Suffix, for example: columnwidth-200.
  • You can turn off background images for a specific menu via the Menu Class Suffix, for example: images-off.
  • We also improved a few widgets templates.

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